Getting Started

What does it take to become a STOTT PILATES
Certified Instructor?

What are the initial program requirements?

To certify at the Pilates Studio of Central Ohio, we require that you have considerable knowledge of functional anatomy, have taken 30+ hours of Pilates classes, and have three or more years of experience teaching movement or fitness. If you do not fulfill these requirements, please call the education department to discuss alternative options.

What are my initial course options?

* Intensive Mat Plus (IMP)

* Intensive Reformer (IR)

How long are the courses?

* IMP: 40 hours, 3 weekends

* IR: 50 hours, 4 weekends

Some Fridays are required.

How much do the courses cost?

* IMP: $975.00

* IR: $1,500

* IMP/IR: $2,275.00 (If committing to both courses)

Fees are subject to change without notice.

What if I want to take both, does it matter which one I do first?

It ultimately depends on your career objectives but you can begin with either Intensive Mat Plus or Intensive Reformer. We do suggest taking IMP prior to IR because you will get a deeper understanding of the STOTT PILATES Basic Principals and warm-ups.

What materials do I need?

Each course requires a different set of materials including manuals and STOTT PILATES DVD’s. These materials can be purchased at 1-800-910-0001 ext 261. This cost is not included in the course fee. We recommend a few other materials including:

* Trail Guide to the Body, 3rd Ed, Andrew Biel

* Muscular System Flash Pak, Bryan Edwards

* Anatomy of Movement, Blandine Germain

Are there requirements outside of the course?

Yes, to become certified you must complete a minimum amount of practice teaching, physical review and observation hours.


Minimum 10 hrs observation

Minimum 30 hrs physical review

Minimum 15 hrs practice teaching


Minimum 10 hrs observation

Minimum 40 hrs physical review

Minimum 25 hrs practice teaching

Am I certified after I complete my course?

No, you will have 6 months from the last date of your course to take your exam and complete your required observation, physical review and practice teaching hours. Students are required to pass both a written and practical portion. The details of the exam will be discussed further in your course.

E-mail your applications to Janine Gould